Last Century Art – Cryselephantines, Ivory and Bronze Sale

Sale of Criselephantines, Bronzes, Ivory, Replicas and Art Deco

At Last Century Art we have been selling all kinds of art for years: Criselefantines, Bronze and Ivory, Paintings and Replicas from the Art Nouveau and Art Deco era. In our catalog you can find pieces by outstanding artists such as: Demeter Chiparus, Ferdinad Fritz Preiss, Josef Lorenzl, Victor Heinrich Seifert, Agathon Leonard, Charles Korschann, Claire Jeanne Colinet, Paul Phillipe, Otto Poerzel, Antonin Barthélémy, A.Godard,Bruno Zach,Georges Omerth,Pierre Carrier -Belleuse, Mirval.

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