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Last century Art belongs to the society Santi Maeso SL., with a fiscal address at number 1 Raimon de Penyafort Street-08330- Premia de Mar Barcelona Spain, which has been devoted for many years to the trade of antiques and art and decoration items.

Last Century art is born as a branch especially devoted to the production of chryselephantine sculptures. Its objective is to make copies of the most outstanding sculptures from the period ranging from the end of the XIX century to the years 1930 of last century. Both the selection of the pieces for its beauty and the selection of the materials used are of the highest quality.

For the ivory carvings (faces, hands and all the flesh parts) the best part of the African ivory tusk or mammoth tusk are employed and regarding the bronze part special care is taken for the carving, the patina, the enamel, the gilt, the silvered, depending on the type. The onyx and marble stands are of Gilead harmonious importance, all of the them are in different shapes accordance to the sculpture and trying to be as near as possible to the original piece.

All the sculptures follow the process Art Nouveau and Art Deco and are made in Spain.

This collection for its variety of models, sizes and prices is trying to arrive to a wide selection of buyers.

From and original model a mold is taken. Out of this a wax is produced which is retouched and cleaned of foulnesses and after that the bronze is fused. Once the bronze is fused it has to be hand carved and patined by fire, or depending on the piece gilt, silvered or enameled.

The proper part of ivory is chosen in accordance with the size and is cut. After having the ivory cut and with the model both are taken to a manual pantograph which will obtain a exact copy of the original and after wars revise the figure by hand and give the proper finish.

According to the model, the shape of the onyx or marble stands are studied to decide the amount of pieces to be cut and obtained will be cut by disco machine and delivered to an artisan who will join all the pieces if they are not a single block and in any case he will revise and give the final finish.
Finally the ivory pieces will be couplet to the bronze joined to the marble or onyx stands.

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