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The Chryselephantine were born in Europe at the end of the nineteen century but it was not till the period Art Nouveau Art Decó they start fully developing the years 1920 - 1930. The art figures made in bronze in ivory on marble u onyx stand their artists often represent dancers or ladies with beautiful dressers. One of the best known sculptors for is dancers was Demetre Chiparus.

Why present to you our collection of chryselephnatine sculptures copies of the period Art Decó Art Nouveau with sculptors as : Demetre Chiparus, Claire Jeanne, Roberte Colinet, Paul Phillipe, Otto Poerzel, Joseph Lorenzl, Victor Heinrich Seifert, Ferdinand Fritz Preiss, Agathon Leonard, Carl Kauba, Antonin Barthélémy L., A.Godard amount others.

They are sculptures made in bronze at the lost wax and finished in an antic finish by hand.

The ivory is carefully carved by hand.

The stands are of black and green marble and onyxes are of agatha or the onyx Pakistan our figures are finely processed in Spain.

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