I’m interested in buying an antique, what should I do?

Contact Us by phone, our contact form or by email.


Contact www.lastcenturyart.com by sending the form with your information. We will make a budget.



Once you have decided to purchase a piece, you can make the payment by bank transfer, Paypal or cash.

As soon as we have received your payment in account you will receive the confirmation via e-mail and we will send your purchase perfectly packaged and insured.


I am interested in a criselefantina. What I do?

The same as in the previous section; But since the product we offer is handmade, we do not always have all the pieces in stock. We will inform you of the delivery time, which may be between 30 and 90 days.



Returns are allowed, always within 14 calendar days, and in the same state and with all accessories and components shipped (including certificates), if the antique or piece does not conform to what is described on our website or if any defect appears that has gone unnoticed.

In this case, the costs of packaging and shipping will be borne by www.lastcenturyart.com, paying the buyer the amount of the piece in the same way for which it was paid.

wwwlastcenturyart.com can not be held liable for defects caused by the handling of the parts or damages or other mishaps that may occur during shipping, in which case it will be the buyer who must claim the insurer of the same.


Sales to countries outside of U.E.

www.lastcenturyart.com is not responsible for the fees and tariffs that the buyer must pay for export to countries outside the European Union.


Are the products the same as the photograph?

All of them respond to the specified characteristics, in the Criselefantinas, as they are handmade sculptures, none is exactly the same as the other, either because of the details and veins of the ivory or the waters of the marble or onyx.


How long do shipments take to arrive?

The deadline to receive your order will be between 10 and 15 days if the piece is in stock; If not, we will notify you of the delivery time.


Where do I receive the items?

You will receive your item at the address you want regardless of the billing address


How to make the payment?

You can pay by bank transfer, Paypal or cash.



We will make the shipment via transport agency or postal mail properly packed and insured


Are taxes included in the price?

Taxes are included only in shipments within the U.E. Not in the Canary Islands