What do we offer?

Our goal is to offer the customer more than just a catalog of antiques and works of art. We want to give you an integral service with a personalized attention by providing you with information, advice, quotes, and keeping out to date of new acquisitions, as well as searching for the piece that may be of interest to you, sending documentation such as taxation, evaluations Etc. We buy and sell all kinds of antiques, we empty whole flats or we handle the sale of our own works.

www.lastcenturyart.com through 30 years of experience in the antique world, is committed to offering the collector the opportunity to buy our items: bronzes, paintings, porcelains, icons, collectables andmn decorative items.


We present our collection to you of chryselephantine sculptures. Replicas of the Art Nouveau and Art Decò period with authors such as: Demeter Chiparus, Ferdinand Fritz Preiss, Josef Lorenzo, Victor Heinrich Seifert, Agathen Leonard, Charles Korschann, Claire Jeanne Colinet, Paul Phillipe, Otto Poerzel, Antonin Barthélémy, A. Godard, Bruno Zach, Georges Omerth, Pierre Carrier- Belleuse, Mirval.

These replicas are made of cast bronze wax, chiselled and they are finished in gold, silver, menamel or antique patina. The marble is finely cut by hand. The platforms are made of onyx or different

None of our works is exactly the same as another, since the whole process of manufacture is artisanal.

All parties are accompanied by the CITES certificate shipped by the Ministry of the Economy and Business and the corresponding invoice as this is the only legal form to sell this precious material.

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